7 Reasons to Stop Wearing Leather - Intro

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7 Reasons to Stop Wearing Leather - Intro

This is a 8 part series. Every week we'll post one of the reasons we think leather doesn't belong in the modern wardrobe. To see all posts, click here.

7 Reasons to Stop Wearing Leather

You may have heard that luxury designers are ditching animal products from their collections by the dozens. Burberry, Versace, Michael Kors, John Galliano, DKNY are only some of the designers that have recently removed animal products from their lines.

Animal materials such as fur, exotic skins, angora, mohair and feathers are being gradually replaced with modern, synthetic alternatives.

The shift is real - VOGUE Paris for example, dedicated a whole cover to cruelty-free fashion in 2017, highlighting synthetic alternatives to fur. 



It’s true that the fashion industry may finally be catching up to the idea that using animal skins for clothes and accessories is a bizarre concept. But this doesn’t come as a surprise. 

As the animal cruelty from the skins industry becomes widely known (thanks, internet) and textile technology continues to evolve, fashion designers have little option but to embrace new ways of making fashion.  

But, what about leather?

So far leather has been left out of the ethical agenda and is quickly becoming the elephant in the room for designers all over the globe. The reason: The global leather goods industry is worth USD 95.4 billion (in 2018) - so, of course, brands will try their best to keep the status quo.

Make no mistake: At Ethical Gallery we believe no animal should ever suffer, be used or harmed for fashion.

And we’re not alone. Leading ethical designer Stella McCartney has been paving the way for other designers by avoiding all animal products for more than a decade.

Source: The Guardian. Photographer: Mary McCartney

“As a designer I like to work with fabrics that don't bleed.That's why I avoid all animal skins.” 

- Stella, stating the obvious since 2001.

But whilst the rest of the luxury houses delay the inevitable, it’s the upcoming, emerging indie labels that are truly responding to the ever-increasing demand for ethical fashion, avoiding all animal ‘products’ in their lines, including leather. 

Reality is, the demand for leather-free fashion goods is only going to increase. Take, for instance, the connection between meat consumption and climate change.

It's an undeniable fact that our reliance on animals is costing our planet - so it's only natural to rethink our habits and adopt better ways of living.

And what's a better starting point than fashion?

Over the next few days, in a 8 part series, we'll talk about 7 reasons why you should reconsider leather and its place in your wardrobe. 

If you’re not sure where you stand in the leather debate, you might find this series helpful. 

Stay tuned xx


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