7 Reasons to Stop Wearing Leather - 7

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7 Reasons to Stop Wearing Leather - 7

This is a 8 part series. Every week we'll post one of the reasons we think leather doesn't belong in the modern wardrobe. To see all posts, click here.

Reason number #7 - We don't need it.

Most people love the look and feel of animal leather. And in terms of performance, leather is a great textile for things like shoes, belts and car seats. 

As we mentioned in our very first article in this series, animal skins have served us well back in the day when there were no other options. 

But the good news is, those days are over and we no longer need to rely on leather. For anything.

With the abundance of alternatives ranging from natural sourced ones (hello, piñatex, cork and muskin) to well evolved synthetic leathers (PUs and microfiber leathers), there really is no real need to continue the mayhem of the leather industry. 

We've been testing and experimenting vegan handbags from several brands - which use several materials - and whilst each material is different, we're confident when we say that when you switch to vegan handbags, you will never look back.