7 Reasons to Stop Wearing Leather - 1

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7 Reasons to Stop Wearing Leather - 1

This is a 8 part series. Every week we'll post one of the reasons we think leather doesn't belong in the modern wardrobe. To see all posts, click here.

Reason #1: It’s 2019, not the Palaeolithic.

Leather making dates to before 5,000 BC but humans have been using animal hides since the Palaeolithic (aka the old stone age).

Picture this: Food was scarce. Animals were hunted for food. Animal hides and skins offered much needed protection from the elements, keeping humans alive. It made sense.

But it’s 2019. 

*insert dramatic music*


Here we are, all evolved, enjoying the wonders of electricity, agriculture and no longer needing to hunt & gather for our daily meals. We also don’t move to outrun the seasons (well, most of us) and we don’t depend on animals for survival. 

We’re well and truly departed from the stone age, yet, leather, for some weird reason (hint: billions of dollars spent in advertising) has not only remained in our lives, but it also became a symbol of luxury.

Whilst the average 21st century human being would be repulsed by any form of animal cruelty, they're still paying for, and literally wearing a piece of a dead animal as a fashion statement.

If you think about it, it’s a bizarre concept.

So bizarre, in fact, that people have completely disconnected their leather products from what they actually are and where they came from. 

Take this stunt, for example.

Evolution has wired our brains not only for survival, but for compassion, too.

And that's a pretty good reason to stop wearing leather. 


Next week: Reason #2 - The cruelty