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October 07, 2017

If you've been here before, you will know by now that I created Ethical Gallery to literally change the world. 

If this is your first time here, welcome! Sit back, relax and let's change the world together. 

Since launching our superb designer Vegan handbag store in July this year; and by hearing from shoppers, followers and partners, it's become really clear to me that more and more people are becoming conscious about their choices and trying to have a positive impact in the world.

Consider, for example, the outrage that followed Animals Australia's investigation on the dog meat trade in Bali. Or the sudden, nation-wide "bah the bag" activism triggered by ABC's war on waste

These are encouraging signs and it's certainly an exciting time to be alive as we are the first generation to have the knowledge, technology and information to be and do better than our predecessors when it comes to our planet and fellow earthlings.

And we might also be the very last generation that can actually do so.

But let's face it, in times where we are so desperately time poor and inundated with so much information (often misinformation), it can be extremely hard to remain conscious of our actions, or even motivated to keep them aligned with our values.

Life gets in the way and sometimes the easiest option available is to relapse back into not-so-great habits. Not to mention the frequent self assessment that haunts us all: Do my small choices actually make a difference? Should I bother when nobody else around me does?

And with the amount of negativity we see on a daily basis, everywhere we look - news, ads and our social media feeds - it is very hard to know.

The truth is, ethical living can seem like some sort of hippie utopia if you're not being encouraged and inspired by real stories, tangible results, practical tips and feasible change.

After all, it does take a village. So we decided to build one.

Its time for Ethical Times. 

Designed to inspire, encourage, support and inform - our new blog Ethical Times is bringing stories, interviews, guides, information, news and anything relevant to the ethical mind under the same virtual roof. Of course, we will also have the occasional, epic product reviews.   

The short, uplifting articles are best enjoyed on your commute and accompanied by this glorious playlist.

This is an open forum and if you want to be part of the "village" as a guest writer, or simply share your story, please get in touch! 

Enjoy x

Yours truly, ethicalgal


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